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Free: Thanksgiving

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Thanksgiving decoration

Work on this Thanksgiving craft to decorate a wall or your classroom door. Include your students during the process and see how they enjoy being a part of it.


1. Draw and color the shape of the turkey.

2. Paint the turkey with permanent tempera paint.

3. Students draw and cut out the shape of their hands using construction paper related to the colors of the Autumn season, e.g green, red, brown, orange, or yellow.

4. Give clear instructions to your students while you guide their work. One by one students will glue the shape of hands on the tail of the turkey organizing them according to what they and the teacher think will look good on the turkey tail.

4. Paste the finished work on a wall or on your classroom door to celebrate Thanksgiving and to show it to the entire school.





Construction paper various colors➺Cartulina de diferentes colors

Tempera paints➺ Temperas

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