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Spanish Valentine's Day Activities

Updated: Feb 5

Valentine's Art Project: ¿Qué tanto puedes crear con un corazón?

In this activity, your students will tap into their imagination and creativity to explore all the possibilities of creating art using a heart shape as a starting point. Once they complete their projects, they can show their creations to others and practice expressing themselves in Spanish by sharing simple sentences about their final artworks.

You can also encourage your students to write sentences in Spanish describing what they have created using the heart shape.

Valentine's Day Heart drawing worksheet

Alternatively, have your students use this worksheet with heart shapes to draw their creations.

Download the resource here👇

¿Qué puedes crear con un corazón_ -
Download PDF • 185KB

Valentine's Day Tracing Printable

Get your students involved in a fun Spanish activity that focuses on learning Valentine's Day vocabulary. This engaging exercise allows students to reinforce their understanding of words associated with the holiday playfully and interactively.

Download the resource here👇

Día de San Valentín 2 -
Download PDF • 331KB

Valentine's Day Printable

Engage your students in a fun writing activity in Spanish that focuses on Valentine's Day vocabulary and the practice of constructing simple sentences. This activity will provide an opportunity for students to enhance their writing skills while incorporating vocabulary related to Valentine's Day.

Download the resource here👇

Día de San Valentín -
Download PDF • 353KB

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