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About me

Hello! My name is Luz and I'm the founder of LudicLanguage; a website created for teachers, students, and anyone seeking to learn or improve their Spanish as a Second Language skills. Originally from Colombia, I now reside in the United States.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and specialize in teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language. With extensive teaching experience, exceptional communication skills, and a deep commitment to guiding my students, I strive to help them exceed their potential and exceed high expectations. As a creative mentor, my ultimate goal is to leave a lasting positive impact on my students' learning journey, serving as their champion and doing everything in my power to shape their future.

I have had the opportunity to teach both in traditional classrooms and online, which has given me valuable experience working with diverse students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. As an educator, my primary focus is to cater to each student's individual needs by gaining a deep understanding of their abilities, interests, and needs. 


Please take a moment to watch the videos below and experience how I conduct my lessons, where my primary focus is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. Contact me today to schedule a FREE 20-Minute Consultation Lesson and start your journey toward learning Spanish as a Second Language.

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