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20 Min. CONSULTATION LESSON - Students ages 5 and up

Free Consultation Lesson

Consultation lesson

20 min / FREE

Enjoy a FREE Consultation lesson to learn and get to know your teacher! Contact us with times convenient for you to schedule the lesson.

ONLINE LESSONS A0-A1-A2-B1-B2 - Students ages 5 and up

Formal online lessons

30 min /$20 (Recommended for kids under 8)

45 min /$25 

60 min /$35 

If you are taking this class it means that you already had the FREE 20 minutes Consultation Lesson. 

Please send an email to with your contact information, your goals and interests in the lessons as well as your current Spanish comprehension level you feel you are at. Contact us to schedule and start your formal classes today!



I'll contact you with the lesson details.

Luz is an innovative, creative, and amazing teacher! There is never a class that is boring! My favorite parts are the interaction, including DIY board games Luz makes and the stories she incorporates. My background is El Salvador but I grew up in the United States and became accustomed to speaking mostly English. I am taking Spanish classes designed for native speakers here at I love that Luz creates tailored and personalized classes for my needs! I decided to take classes because over the years I've noticed that it is a struggle to talk to my family members. I listen/understand Spanish well, but I just cannot speak it back properly. This frustration especially occurs when I travel to Spanish-speaking countries and don't feel confident speaking to others abroad. I decided that not only for personal reasons should I be improving my Spanish, but for my profession as well. Luz even allows students to communicate with her in between classes to practice! So so so many opportunities to continually learn!


If you are a regular student who books lessons for the entire month, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a package discount. This allows you to schedule multiple lessons while also enjoying some cost savings.

30 min

  • 1 Lesson per week ($19 per lesson) 

  • 2 Lessons per week ($18 per lesson)

  • 3 Lessons per week ($17 per lesson) 

45 min

  • 1 Lesson per week ($24 per lesson) 

  • 2 Lessons per week ($23 per lesson)

  • 3 Lessons per week ($22 per lesson)


  • 1 Lesson per week ($34 per lesson) 

  • 2 Lessons per week ($33 per lesson)

  • 3 Lessons per week ($32 per lesson) 


  • After payment, the offered lesson does not expire.

  • Packaged lessons are paid through PayPal only.

  • Lesson packages can be shared between siblings.

  • Lessons need to be completed each month.

  • Lessons must be scheduled at least 2 days before the lesson takes place.

  • Lessons can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance with no charge.

For each lesson that you book, you donate

school supplies to a little one in need of help.

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