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Benefits of being a student at LudicLanguage

This video provides insight into my experience as an online Spanish and English teacher. With engaging activities tailored to your needs, interests, and skill level, you'll be motivated to learn and speak from the very first lesson. You'll expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge with each session, making learning fun and interesting. If you're interested in starting your journey of learning Spanish with me, take a look at the video, and don't hesitate to contact me.



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Helpful tools for your online lesson

During our lessons together, I prioritize creating an environment in which you feel comfortable, happy, and ready to learn. To achieve this, I utilize a variety of technology tools, including:

  • High-Speed internet connection

  • Laptop and Computer

  • Camera

  • Headphones

  • Microphone

  • Natural and Artificial Light

  • Whiteboard

Positive Class Environment and useful Resources

I use a variety of resources during my online classes to help you achieve your goals. These resources are based on your level, needs, and interests. Some of the resources I use include flashcards, games, songs, body language activities, worksheets, workshops, videos, audios, books, storytelling, puppets, and more. By using these resources, I aim to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that will keep you motivated and excited to learn.

Digital Notebook

My Digital Notebook is a valuable tool for practicing what you've learned during lessons. This resource includes exercises and activities for you to use outside of class time. Additionally, students can send messages to the teacher for further clarification on any topic. The Digital Notebook is an excellent resource for enhancing your language skills and making the most of your learning experience.

Calendar Flexibility

My scheduling system allows students to set their own hours and days for lessons. With Calendar Flexibility, students can easily reschedule a lesson to another day or time based on availability.

Communication with the Teacher

I offer weekly teacher availability for students to contact me with any questions or concerns during lesson hours. Whether the student needs strategies, resources, or simply wants to clarify doubts related to any topic.

Curriculum based on the ludic Methodology

The Ludic Methodology uses fun and meaningful activities like games, songs, and other interactive activities to make language learning engaging and enjoyable. This approach creates a positive and relaxed environment for learners, making them feel more motivated and confident in their language abilities.

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