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Spanish learning area

One of my clients decorated this Spanish learning area in her house for her sweet kids to have a comfortable place to have the lessons with me.  

Short lesson preview videos

Everyone learns differently, that's why during my lessons with my students no matter their age, I like designing resources and activities to engage them and have fun while we learn new phrases, vocabulary, and grammar. Please take a look at the videos below to get an idea of how my lessons are. 

Dressing up for my youngest students

During the lessons I have with my youngest students I like dressing up and surprising them. I love seeing the surprised look on their faces and making them smile. My main goals, when I created LudicLanguage, were to make sure my students will be in an environment where they will have fun, take risks, learn from their mistakes, participate, feel value, be happy, and learn in a natural way. I love to teach and give my best to my students and anyone else I encounter.

Luz doll.jpg

Short video of one of my Spanish for Native Speakers (SNS)

Take a look at the following video to see a little bit of my SNS lessons. Spanish for Native Speakers lessons are designed for students that have been exposed to the language in an informal context. These students generally have a good level of comprehension but are not able to communicate, write, or read properly. During these lessons, the student is exposed to intense grammar exercises, vocabulary building, punctuation, and culture. The student is also exposed to the different aspects of Spanish-speaking countries such as grammar variation, geography, history, and much more.

Master Chef: Ensalada de frutas 

This is Nicolas, he is one of my regular Spanish students. We worked on a fruit salad as a final project of the unit related to fruit vocabulary. This vocabulary included verbs and sequencers commonly used in the kitchen in Spanish.

I like including real-life situation activities where my students learn in a natural way by doing things they do or see people doing at home, at school, or in their community. This will help them to retain information more easily and will help them find a way to learn by themselves since the curiosity of the students is being engaged. 

Please take a look at the video to get ideas and to see how well Nicolas did when preparing his fruit salad. 

Grupo de formación intergral SKP 

Our Spanish students between ages 5-13 were invited to join a talk with me in Spanish about the culture of Carolina del Norte. This was a collaboration with the SKP (Grupo de Formación Integral) from Colombia on Friday, July 17th. This talk gave the LudicLanguage students the opportunity to engage with kids from Colombia, learn vocabulary about some important aspects of Carolina del Norte and enjoy their time with us as well as students from a Spanish-speaking country. 

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