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The Spanish Letter Pronunciation Folder Kit comprises a collection of 26 posters that cover letters and digraphs showing the syllables in the Spanish language. Each poster features photos of the mouth demonstrating the correct pronunciation of the letter or digraph, along with words and colorful images that help learners expand their vocabulary. Please watch the following video to get an idea of the resource you will receive.
1. M
2. S
3. P
4. L
5. T
6. D
7. N
8. F
9. R
10. Rr
11. G
12. Gu
13. B
14. V
15. J
16. C
17. Q
18. Z
19. Y
20. Ll
21. H
22. Ch
23. K
24. Ñ
25. X
26. W


One binder with the following inside:
- 26 printable posters with letter and syllable pronunciations in sheet protectors 
- An informative page with some of the Spanish letter pronunciation rules


Once you place an order, I prioritize shipping it out as soon as possible. However, please understand that once the package is shipped, I have no control over the shipping process. If the shipping doesn't meet your expectations, I kindly request that you reach out to me first. I am always willing to work with you to find a solution and make up for any issues that may have occurred after I sent your package. Your satisfaction is important to me, and I appreciate your understanding. Thank you for