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Spanish Alphabet

Updated: Mar 28

Spanish alphabet names song

This is a song a made to teach the names of the letters in Spanish to my students. To introduce the alphabet to your students, start by emphasizing the name of each letter. Prior to singing the song, introduce the vocabulary words "abeja" (bee) and "miel" (honey) that will be used in the song. Once the students are familiar with these words, you can introduce the song and practice it across multiple lessons until they have memorized it.

In the video below, you can observe me incorporating the song into one of my lessons with a student.

Spanish alphabet names and sounds

In Spanish, there are 27 letters. The letters (called digraphs) ch, ll, and rr are no longer counted as letters of the Spanish alphabet. Some of the letters have several names in different areas of the Hispanic world. However, The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española) recommends the use of a common name for each letter and that is what we will see during this video. Pay close attention to the video to learn the names of the letters in the Spanish Alphabet.

I recommend visiting the website of The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española) to access reliable information and clarification regarding the proper use of the Spanish language. The Royal Spanish Academy is Spain's official royal institution dedicated to ensuring the stability and standardization of the Spanish language.

Spanish Alphabet worksheet

Enhance your students' Spanish alphabet skills with this helpful worksheet. By tracing the letters, students can practice and improve their understanding of the Spanish alphabet.

Download the resource here👇

El alfabeto -
Download PDF • 207KB

El Abecedario, Canción Infantil - Mundo Canticuentos

With this song, students can learn the names of the letters in Spanish in a fun and engaging way.

Spanish Alphabet Tracing Sheets

This educational resource is designed to assist students in strengthening their understanding and recognition of the Spanish alphabet and digraphs. Each page presents a letter or digraph, accompanied by a series of engaging images. Students will engage in pronunciation practice, letter tracing, and the identification of the correct image that corresponds to the targeted letter or digraph.

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. E 6. F 7. G 8. H 9. I 10. J 11. K 12. L 13. M 14. N

15. Ñ 16. O 17. P 18. Q 19. R 20. S 21. T 22. U 23. V 24. W 25. X 26. Y

27. Z 28. Ch 29. Ll 30. Gu 31. Rr

Spanish Alphabet - Uppercase and lowercase

To help your students understand the concepts of "mayúscula" (uppercase) and "minúscula" (lowercase), you can employ hand gestures. Use the gesture of spreading your arms wide, indicating something big, for "mayúscula" to represent uppercase letters. And for "minúscula" or lowercase letters, make a gesture of bringing your hands closer together, signifying something small. This visual approach can enhance their comprehension.

For a more concrete demonstration of this strategy, I recommend watching the video below, which provides a visual example of how to use hand gestures in teaching these concepts.

Mayúsculas and Minúsculas Worksheet

Use this comprehensive worksheet for you to engage your students in practicing the concepts of "mayúscula" (uppercase) and "minúscula" (lowercase) in Spanish. This worksheet not only focuses on reinforcing their understanding of these terms but also provides an opportunity for them to enhance their letter recognition skills.

Download the resource here👇

Mayúsculas y Minúsculas -
Download PDF • 217KB

Spanish Alphabet- name and sound

Use these flashcards to teach vocabulary related to the Spanish alphabet. The sounds shown here represent those commonly used in most Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. However, it's important to consider cultural aspects, the position of the letter within a word, and the following points when teaching about this topic:

1. The sounds of the letters in the Spanish alphabet can vary across different regions of the Spanish-speaking world

2. Some letters share the same sound

3. Certain letters have two or more sounds

4. There is a letter that is silent

5. Some letters incorporate sounds from other languages

Spanish Letter Pronunciation Folder Kit

The Spanish Letter Pronunciation Folder Kit comprises a collection of 26 posters that cover letters and digraphs showing the syllables in the Spanish language. Each poster features photos of the mouth demonstrating the correct pronunciation of the letter or digraph, along with words and colorful images that help learners expand their vocabulary. Please watch the following video to get an idea of the resource you will receive.

1. M 2. S 3. P 4. L 5. T 6. D 7. N 8. F 9. R 10. Rr 11. G 12. Gu 13. B 14. V 15. J 16. C 17. Q 18. Z 19. Y 20. Ll 21. H 22. Ch 23. K 24. Ñ 25. X 26. W

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