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This innovative product features a set of pencils, each one representing a specific day of the week in Spanish. Each pencil is designed with vibrant colors and the corresponding name of the day, making it a visually appealing resource. You can use this language learning resource with learners of all ages, allowing them to easily identify and remember the sequence of the days. Whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go, these pencils provide a tangible and interactive way to reinforce the concept of the weekdays in Spanish. This resource also includes a video that teaches the proper pronunciation of the words, as well as a fun song to aid in vocabulary memorization.


- Days of the week in a pencil shape
- Yesterday was..., Today is..., Tomorrow will be...

- Video about the days of the week in Spanish
- Printable vocabulary to practice the days of the week song



Click to view the preview of the product here.



- Pencil Flashcards: Width: 10 inches - Height: 2.5 inches

- The printable vocabulary flashcards related to the song come in various small sizes.
Once your purchase is cleared, you will have access to the digital files for download. 


Print the labels, cut them out, and laminate them to keep them in good condition. To get a good quality print, please check your printer’s settings such as enabling colors or the page scale before printing.


Please be mindful when buying this resource since there is no refund due to the nature of digital downloads. 


Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or assistance, whether it's before or after purchasing the resource.


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Spanish Days of the Week: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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