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Days and Months in Spanish

Updated: Mar 28

Days of the week

I have created a delightful song for my students to practice the days of the week in Spanish. This song goes beyond simply teaching the names of the days; it also includes vocabulary that aligns with the song's rhythm.

To enhance the memorization of the words, I have incorporated hand gestures that align with each day of the week and its corresponding vocabulary. I encourage you to watch the video below, as it provides a visual demonstration of how to teach the song using these engaging hand gestures. It will give you a better idea of how to effectively convey the song and its accompanying actions to your students.

Spanish Days of the Week Song

Watch the following video as a source of inspiration on how to introduce the days of the week and some vocabulary to your students in a fun and engaging way.

Printable days of the week labels - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

This innovative product features a set of pencils, each one representing a specific day of the week in Spanish. Each pencil is designed with vibrant colors and the corresponding name of the day, making it a visually appealing resource. You can use this language learning resource with learners of all ages, allowing them to easily identify and remember the sequence of the days. Whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go, these pencils provide a tangible and interactive way to reinforce the concept of the weekdays in Spanish.

In this other video, I present a creative approach to teach the days of the week in a fun and memorable way. I share a helpful tip that involves associating the days with the names of planets and the moon. However, it's important to note that while the moon is an astronomical body orbiting Earth as its natural satellite, it is not classified as a planet. Please watch the video below to learn this engaging technique and make the process of memorizing the days of the week enjoyable for your students.

Lunes ➺Luna

Martes ➺Marte

Miércoles ➺Mercurio

Jueves ➺Júpiter

Viernes ➺Venus

Sábado ➺Saturno

Domingo ➺ Día del señor

Días de la semana

Lunes ➺Monday

Martes ➺ Tuesday

Miércoles ➺ Wednesday

Jueves ➺Thursday

Viernes ➺Friday

Sábado ➺ Saturday

Domingo ➺ Sunday

Spanish Days and Months Labels

Enhance your classroom decor and Spanish vocabulary practice with this versatile resource featuring labeled Days and Months.

Song: Los días de la semana

This is a fun song that you can find on the Youtube Channel Planeta Infantil. It's a wonderful resource for teaching or practicing the days of the week in Spanish. To make the learning experience even more engaging, I suggest incorporating clapping hands along with the song. This simple action helps to actively involve your students and adds a playful element to the lesson. The video accompanying the song showcases the vocabulary of the days of the week, making it easier for your students to remember the words.

To make the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable, I have incorporated hand movements to accompany the song and aid in the memorization of the words for my students. Please watch the provided video demonstration below to see how these interactive gestures enhance the understanding and retention of the vocabulary.

Months of the year in Spanish

Let's learn about the months of the year and their pronunciations in Spanish. A year has 12 months divided into 2 semesters, 6 months in the beginning and 6 months at the end of the year. Each month has either 28, 30, or 31 days during a year for a total of 365 days.




Marzo ➺March

Abril ➺April

Mayo ➺May


Julio ➺July




Noviembre ➺November


Song: Los meses del año

I find this song to be a fantastic tool for helping my students practice the months of the year in Spanish. To make the learning experience even more enjoyable and interactive, I incorporate hand movements that correspond to each month. For a visual demonstration, I encourage you to watch the video below this one. It provides a great idea on how to sing the song while incorporating the hand movements. By combining music, movement, and language learning, we create a dynamic and engaging experience for our students.

The months of the year Spanish song with hand movements

This is the  visual demonstration of the song above. All your students need to do is move their hands anytime they say the name of one of the months of the year. Then, they will clap when they see the month they are currently in.

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