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Days and Months in Spanish

Updated: 3 days ago

Let's learn about the days of the week and their pronunciations in Spanish. I will teach you a tip to memorize them easily and in a fun way using the names of the planets and the moon. Let's remember that the moon is an astronomical body orbiting Earth as its only natural satellite and not a planet.

Lunes ➺Luna

Martes ➺Marte

Miércoles ➺Mercurio

Jueves ➺Júpiter

Viernes ➺Venus

Sábado ➺Saturno

Domingo ➺ Día del señor


Lunes ➺Monday

Martes ➺ Tuesday

Miércoles ➺ Wednesday

Jueves ➺Thursday

Viernes ➺Friday

Sábado ➺ Saturday

Domingo ➺ Sunday

Spanish Days and Months Labels

Enhance your classroom decor and Spanish vocabulary practice with this versatile resource featuring labeled Days and Months.

Download the resource here👇

Spanish Days of the Week: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

This innovative product features a set of pencils, each one representing a specific day of the week in Spanish. Each pencil is designed with vibrant colors and the corresponding name of the day, making it a visually appealing resource. You can use this language learning resource with learners of all ages, allowing them to easily identify and remember the sequence of the days. Whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go, these pencils provide a tangible and interactive way to reinforce the concept of the weekdays in Spanish.

Download the resource here👇

Spanish Days of the Week Song

Use this enjoyable song to practice the days of the week in Spanish.

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