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Enhance vocabulary and foster understanding of family relationships with these engaging flashcards. Designed for teaching Spanish, these flashcards introduce key family members such as father, mother, grandson, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, wife, husband, sister, and brother. Students will not only learn the vocabulary but also develop the ability to identify and comprehend the relationships between each family member. These interactive and educational flashcards offer an enjoyable way to reinforce language skills and promote a deeper understanding of familial connections.


- 6 Printable large-sized flashcards 
- 6 Printable small-sized flashcards
- 6 small family members' circular cards to be used with the big flashcards
-Instructions on how to use this resource
- Cutouts of family members vocabulary: Father, mother, grandson, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, wife, husband, sister, brother
- Questions you can make when using the flashcards in English and Spanish
- Instructional video to assist in understanding the activity
- Educational video about the family members


Once your purchase is cleared, you will have access to the digital files for download. 


Print and laminate the flashcards.To get a good quality print, please check your printer’s settings such as enabling colors or the page scale before printing. 


Please be mindful when buying this resource since there is no refund due to the nature of digital downloads. 
Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or assistance, whether it's before or after purchasing the resource.


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Spanish Family Members Flashcards

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