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Family members in Spanish

Updated: Feb 1

Enhance vocabulary and foster understanding of family relationships with these engaging flashcards. Designed for teaching Spanish, these flashcards introduce key family members such as father, mother, grandson, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, wife, husband, sister, and brother. Students will not only learn the vocabulary but also develop the ability to identify and comprehend the relationships between each family member. These interactive and educational flashcards offer an enjoyable way to reinforce language skills and promote a deeper understanding of familial connections.

Instructional video

Family members - Miembros de la familia

Let's learn vocabulary related to the family members and how to say a short description of your family with this educational video.

Family members vocabulary mini-poster activity

Use this poster to practice vocabulary related to the family members. This activity can be used for your school, homeschool, or digital class.


1. Ask your students these questions in Spanish while pointing at the photos:

-¿Quién es esta persona?

-¿Quién crees que está representando este hombre, mujer, niño o niña en la familia?

-¿Quién crees que sea esta mujer?

-¿Quién crees que sea esta niña?

-¿Quién crees que sea esta niño? etc.

2. If you work the activity virtually, ask your students to circle the person you mention with a digital marker. For example, circle the grandpa (Encierra el abuelo ). If you print the activity ask the students to place a coin, bottle cap, or any other materials you want to use to indicate the family member you are mentioning.

La familia juego de vocabulario - ludicLanguage
Download PDF • 5.76MB

Family paper chain

Manualidad sobre la familia

Work on this craft activity to review vocabulary about the family members. This activity can be worked on online or in person.


1. Model and show an example to your students on how to make the family paper chain. You can show them a video or do it and guide their steps.

2. Students decorate the family chain based on their family or based on the teacher's instructions.

3. Students paste the family chain on their notebooks. Instruct the students to write the vocabulary and describe two or more of their family members. Take into account that students should be able to identify and use the family members' vocabulary at this point as well as some adjectives to make the physical description.

4. Students will show their final work to the rest of the class or the online teacher.

La familia
Acrostic for family
Acrostico sobre la familia - LudicLangua
Download • 96KB

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