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Spanish likes and dislikes

Encourage student engagement in Spanish by utilizing this interactive worksheet to practice expressing likes and dislikes. This activity provides an opportunity for students to develop their speaking skills as they discuss their preferences and also enhances their writing abilities by constructing simple sentences. It's a versatile resource that promotes active participation and language proficiency in an enjoyable manner.

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Me gusta - No me gusta -
Download PDF • 370KB

¿Te Gusta El Helado De Brócoli?

This engaging video from the YouTube channel "Super Simple Español" is an excellent resource for practicing likes and dislikes in Spanish. It provides an interactive opportunity for students to construct simple sentences and express their preferences while watching the video. One effective technique is to pause the video after each sentence, allowing students ample time to identify and comprehend the vocabulary being used. This approach helps reinforce their understanding and facilitates a deeper connection with the content.

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