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Spanish adjectives

Updated: Mar 28

I created this fun and engaging song for my students. It's the perfect tool to practice vocabulary related to adjectives while having a great time singing along. This captivating video combines words and delightful drawings to enhance comprehension and make it easier for students to memorize the words.

To enhance the memorization of the words, I have incorporated corresponding hand gestures for each adjective. I encourage you to watch the provided video where I demonstrate teaching the vocabulary of adjectives to one of my students. This will give you a better idea of how to effectively convey the song and its accompanying actions to your own students.

Spanish Adjectives Flashcards

This resource offers a comprehensive set of printable flashcards that cover a wide range of adjectives in Spanish. The flashcards can be used as a helpful tool for learning and practicing vocabulary related to physical and descriptive attributes. The flashcards include the following vocabulary: alto (tall), bajo (short), fuerte (strong), débil (weak), gordo (fat), delgado (thin), fea (ugly), hermosa (beautiful), anciano (elder), joven (young), corto (short), largo (long), viejo (old), nuevo (new), rico (rich), pobre (poor), grande (big), pequeño (small), apuesto (handsome), feo (ugly), pesado (heavy), ligero (light), perezoso (lazy), trabajador (hardworking), rápido (fast), lento (slow), lleno (full), vacío (empty).

Spanish adjectives worksheet

Utilize this worksheet as a tool to actively involve your students in practicing Spanish adjectives.

Los Adjetivos

This captivating video, available on the YouTube channel Mario Carreón, provides a detailed explanation on how to use adjectives in Spanish. The video incorporates visuals and clear sentences to enhance comprehension and facilitate a better understanding of the topic. It is an excellent resource suitable for teaching students at a beginner's level.

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