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This comprehensive binder is packed with 24 captivating worksheets designed to practice and acquire Spanish at a beginner level. Each worksheet explores various topics and incorporates practical exercises that facilitate language acquisition. These worksheets can be easily used by placing them in sheet protectors for use with markers or printed multiple times for use with a pencil.


  1. My name is…

  2. My last name is…

  3. My full name is…

  4. How old are you?

  5. Vowels with vocabulary

  6. Alphabet with vocabulary

  7. Uppercase letters

  8. Lowercase letters

  9. Geometric figures

  10. Numbers 1 to 10

  11. Verbs

  12. Colors

  13. Seasons

  14. Animals

  15. The date

  16. Emotions

  17. School supplies

  18. Parts of the body

  19. Big and small

  20. Weather

  21. Up and down

  22. Boy or girl

  23. Days of the week

  24. Months of the year



- 1 Cover page - 24 printable worksheets that offer a variety of activities to practice and learn different topics in Spanish

- 24 pages with answers for each worksheet (These pages do not require printing)



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Once your purchase is cleared, you will have access to the digital files for download.



Print the worksheets, put them in a sheet protector for use with markers, or print them multiple times for use with a pencil, and put them in a binder. To get a good quality print, please check your printer’s settings such as enabling colors or the page scale before printing.



Please be mindful when buying this resource since there is no refund due to the nature of digital downloads.


CONTACT Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or assistance, whether it's before or after purchasing the resource.



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Spanish Learning Activity Binder

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