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Spanish Vocabulary Learning Folder KIT

Updated: Feb 4

These are Spanish learning posters to put in a binder. It has different topics that help students at a beginner level at any age.

Spanish Learning Activity Binder

This comprehensive binder is packed with captivating worksheets designed for learners of all ages to practice and acquire Spanish at a beginner level. Each worksheet explores various topics and incorporates practical exercises that facilitate language acquisition. These worksheets can be easily used by placing them in sheet protectors for use with markers or printed multiple times for use with a pencil.

Spanish Alphabet Tracing Sheets

This educational resource is designed to assist students in strengthening their understanding and recognition of the Spanish alphabet and digraphs. Each page presents a letter or digraph, accompanied by a series of engaging images. Students will engage in pronunciation practice, letter tracing, and the identification of the correct image that corresponds to the targeted letter or digraph.

Spanish Letter Pronunciation Folder Kit

The Spanish Letter Pronunciation Folder Kit comprises a collection of 26 posters that cover letters and digraphs showing the syllables in the Spanish language. Each poster features photos of the mouth demonstrating the correct pronunciation of the letter or digraph, along with words and colorful images that help learners expand their vocabulary. Please watch the following video to get an idea of the resource you will receive.


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