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Craft with the letter "Ff "

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Work on this craft activity to practice vocabulary related to the letter "F".


1. Practice vocabulary related to the letter "F" before you begin the craft.

2. Show an example of the flamingo they could design.

3. Print the letter "F" and tell the students to decorate the letter however they want to. They could make lines, circles, dots, or just color the entire letter with pink.

4. Model the steps to design the flamingo bird.

5. Let them be creative while decorating their letter "F".

6. Students should have a cutout of the outline of their hand and decorate it as well.

7. Use one sheet of construction paper of any other light color they like (green, yellow, blue, etc) to put the pieces together.

Printable letter "Ff"

Letter "Ff" worksheet in Spanish.

This worksheet is used to teach vocabulary about the letter "Ff". Make sure you practice the correct pronunciation of these words beforehand, as well as the identification of the vowels in each word. This activity can be worked on online or in-person.


1. Practice the vocabulary with your students.

2. Ask your students what do they see in the worksheet?

-¿Qué ves en la ficha?

3. Ask the students what is the beginning sound of each word.

-¿Cuál es el sonido inicial de la palabra?

4. Ask students to spell the letters for you. For example: spell the letters of word number 1.

- Deletrea las letras de la palabra número 1.


Letter Ff-
Download PDF • 63KB

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