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Game: Piedra, papel o tijeras

Updated: Feb 2

Let's play this game with our hands to have fun during our Spanish lessons. This game is usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes (rock, paper, scissors) with their hands. This game has two possible outcomes where one player can beat the other player based on the shape they show with their hands.


1. Show your students real-life items or flashcards to teach the vocabulary of the game.

2. Show your students the hand shape they should use related to the vocabulary of the game.

3. Practice several times the correct pronunciation of the words.

4. Teach the rules of the game to your students.

5. Model the game for the students. The teacher can play and demonstrate with one student to show the rest of the student's examples of how the game should be played.

6. Organize your students in pairs and play the game. You can use this game as a warm-up, to practice vocabulary in a competitive way, or to have a break in the middle of a lesson.

The rules are below:

-Rock beats scissors

-Paper beats rock

-Scissors beat paper

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