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For each lesson that you book, you donate school supplies to a little one in need of help.

What's LudicLanguage?

My goal is to provide you with fun, High-quality Online Spanish lessons with a professional Foreign Language Teacher. The lessons are focused on using the Ludic Methodology where you can learn by exploring with meaningful activities in a fun and relaxing environment. 

Online Lessons

I want you to have an idea of how is important for me to provide you with a wonderful environment where you will feel comfortable, happy and ready to learn. Mistakes may happen but I will show you how to learn from them. This is an example of what you will see when you visit my online classes.​

Student Resources

Find helpful resources for you to practice what you learned during every lesson such as printable worksheets, video lessons, audio vocabulary, interactive worksheets and much more. 


Visit my blog and find useful tips for you as a student, parent or teacher. Find strategies, resources, tools and information related to learn or teach a second language in a fun, innovative and engaging way. 


I have really enjoyed taking Spanish lessons with Luz! She is so friendly, very easy to learn from, and makes me feel confident when I am speaking. The class always goes by so quickly because I am truly enjoying learning the language. She makes it fun and interactive and has a variety of time slots throughout the week so that I can pick which works best with my schedule. I have had language classes in the past, but these one on one lessons with Luz are by far the best. 

👉Take a look at the videos below and see how my lessons are. I promise you will have an enjoyable learning experience.

READY? Take private lessons with a professional Foreign Language Teacher.



1. What you need

All you need to start learning Spanish at LudicLanguage is:
- Internet
- Computer with a webcam 

2. Find the right lesson   

Go to the Book lessons 

page and find the one that is the most convenient to book your class. 

3. Take your lesson

Take your Spanish lessons with a professional Foreign Language Teacher and have fun while you learn.

What my dear students say

Student Sophie


From France

J'aime beaucoup apprendre l'espagnol avec Luz car elle est patiente, et elle fait en sorte que son cours soit ludique et amusant, cela n'as rien a voir avec les cours à l'école et vous apprendrez deux fois plus vite! Je ne peux que vous la recommandée.

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