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Student Resources
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Video Lessons and Vocabulary

Find explanatory videos to practice what you learned during our lessons. Also, you will find videos in Spanish that have useful vocabulary about daily basic activities. Besides that, you will find that some of these words can mean something different depending on the Spanish Speaking country you are visiting or living in. Take a look at the videos and start learning or keep improving your Spanish today!

Parts of the body in Spanish - LudicLang

Audio Vocabulary

Here you will find useful resources to practice Spanish pronunciations and vocabulary. You can listen to the audio as much as you need to in other for you to get the results that you desire during your Spanish learning process.

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Printable Resources

Find printable activities such as worksheets, exercises, vocabulary pictograms, and much more to practice your Spanish. Resources can be hard to find and I want to be sure my students have a place they can go to practice all that they learned during their lessons.


Grammar Tips

Find useful grammar tips to assist you with some of the trickier points of Spanish grammar. These tips will help you with mastering your writing and speaking skills to keep improving your Spanish grammar.

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