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This is an activity that I use during the month of October to commemorate the Day of the Dead. My one-on-one students decorate this skull with different shaped icons while they practice their speaking by naming the shapes of the icons. Make sure to model the decoration of the skull if your students are young. I like giving freedom to my students to be as creative as they want to be. I always tell them that they can make more copies of the icons or add extra icons. They can also make them bigger or smaller or change the colors if they would like to.


- Link with a copy of the slides presentation that includes the following:
- 1 slide with the skull and icons in different shapes
- 1 slide with the names of the icons
- 1 slide with examples of skulls decorated

- 1 slide with instructions on how to use the resource
- Video #1: Instructional video to assist in understanding the activity
- Video #2: Example of the activity "Calaveritas de azúcar" with one of my online students



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- This is an activity to work online in Google Slides.


Once your purchase is cleared, you will have access to the digital files for download. 


Please be mindful when buying this resource since there is no refund due to the nature of digital downloads. 
Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or assistance, whether it's before or after purchasing the resource.


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Day of the Dead:Decorando calaveras de azúcar

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