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Spanish song: Incy Wincy Araña

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Using songs and fingerplays is one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary and sharpen your students memory. Students will learn easier since they will be associating the words to the gestures or hands movements as well as the sound of the music. This is not just for kids, anyone can do it, of course considering the Spanish level and interest. In this video, I show an example of how easy and fun it is to use these kinds of activities while learning Spanish. This is a popular nursery rhyme and fingerplay about a spider that is trying to knit its spiderweb while dealing with the challenges of the various weather patterns. I changed some words of the song just to make sure all the vocabulary I want to teach makes sense. Also, in this video I am just showing the first two parts of the song as that is all that's needed for my lesson. I am not really sure who wrote the original version of this song in Spanish since there are different versions of it. I just want to show you how I use it for my lessons. Credits to the creator.

Get the lyrics of the song below!

Incy Wincy Araña Song Worksheets

Use this resource to practice vocabulary related to the Nursery Rhyme Incy Wincy Araña. Worksheets can be worked online or in person considering the age, level of Spanish, and how comfortable the student is using the Google Drive tools.


- 3 Printable worksheets

- Includes answers

- Lyrics of the song

- Craft activity

- Ebook of the song

- Explanatory fingerplay video of the song

- Instructions on how to use this resource

- Printable PDF of the activity

- Access a new copy of this digital resource in Google Drive

- Explanatory video for you to have an idea of how to teach the song that you can find above!

Download the resource here👇

Ebook about Incy Wincy Araña

This resource includes an Ebook to practice vocabulary related to the song.

Craft about Incy Wincy Araña

This is a craft for your students to do with a pencil, crayons, colored pencils or markers, scissors and tape or glue. Please print the PDF version of this activity.

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