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Spanish ¡HOLA! Song for kids

Updated: Feb 1

This engaging Spanish song, accompanied by interactive hand movements, is a fantastic way for children to learn the word "HOLA" and expand their vocabulary. Both my online and in-person students enjoy this activity, and I am confident your students will too.

Song in Spanish for kids: La manito

Let's learn and sing a song about hands to have fun while learning Spanish. This educational song can be used to learn vocabulary about hands and much more. It is designed for little kids and it is a wonderful way to keep them engaged while they learn new words. This song can be used for circle time or the morning routine as a warm-up activity, or to get the attention of the students. This song is based on the version created by Adriana Szusterman from Argentina. I made a few changes in some parts of the song. Please take a look at the video below to see the changes that I made for you to get an idea of how to sing the song to your students. Make sure you teach and practice the vocabulary before so kids can have an idea of what the song is about.



Manito➺Little hand



Cierro las mano➺Close hands

Abro las manos➺Open hands

Bailar➺ To dance

Lyrics and Translation

Saco una manito, la hago bailar ➺ I take out one little hand. I make it dance.La cierro, la abro y la vuelvo a guardar. ➺ I close it, I open it, and I put it away again.Saco la otra mano. La hago bailar, ➺ I take out the other hand. I make it cierro, la abro y la vuelvo a guardar. ➺ I close it, I open it, and I put it away again.Saco las dos manos. Las hago bailar, ➺ I take out two hands. I make them dance.Las cierro, las abro y las vuelvo a guardar. ➺ I close them, I open them, and I put them away again.

Spanish song: Hola, hola con las manos

This popular song can be found on the YouTube Channel Canta Maestra, and it has become a favorite of mine to use at the beginning of my classes. It's a great way to kickstart the lesson with a fun activity while also incorporating Spanish vocabulary practice. Music has a wonderful ability to engage and energize learners, making it an excellent tool for language learning.

Spanish song: Incy Wincy Araña

This popular nursery rhyme and fingerplay portrays the spider's endeavor to weave its web while encountering different weather conditions. I have made slight modifications to the lyrics to ensure the targeted vocabulary aligns with what I want to teach. Although the original author of the Spanish version is unclear due to multiple variations, I aim to illustrate how I use it in my teaching. Credit goes to the original creator.

Lyrics of the song

Worksheets - Spanish Song Incy Wincy Araña

Use these engaging worksheets for your students to practice Spanish vocabulary while exploring the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Araña" (Incy Wincy Spider). Each worksheet provides a platform for practicing and reinforcing key Spanish vocabulary words related to the rhyme.

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