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Free: Spanish ¡HOLA! Song for kids

Let's learn and sing this song to begin your Spanish lessons. This educational and fun Spanish song combined with hand movements teaches kids a basic, simple song to learn the word "HOLA" as well as some vocabulary. My online and in-person students love it, I hope you like it as well.


- Spanish song “Hola”

- Video with hand movements of the song

- Vocabulary of the song


  1. Introduce the vocabulary of the song with hand movements to familiarize your students with the words before they start singing.

  2. Use the video example I provide here to introduce the song.

  3. Practice the song every day to start your Spanish lessons.

Download the resource here👇

Canción _Hola_.pptx
Download PDF • 1.41MB

Download the lyrics of the song here👇

Lirycs of the song Hola!
Download PDF • 13.47MB

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