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Spanish Christmas Tree Activity

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Use this resource to learn vocabulary related to the various Christmas tree decorations. I use this resource with students of all ages and change the strategies as well as the way I explain depending on the age, needs, and interests of my students.


- Vocabulary about the ornaments with audio to listen to the proper pronunciation of the words.

- A song about the Christmas tree with hand movements that go along with it.

- Access to two Google Drive activities. One is related to the song and the second is where students decorate a Christmas Tree.

- Video showing the decoration of the Christmas Tree.

- Instructions

Download the resource here👇

Christmas Tree Song - Arbolito de Navidad

This song was inspired by the song Arbolito de Navidad by José Barros. Here your students will learn some useful vocabulary related to the Christmas trees and the things used to decorate them. I use hands movements to facilitate the memorization of the words.

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