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Recycling World art project

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Work with your students on this project while they learn about ways to recycle and take good care of our planet Earth. I love working with my students on projects and classroom decorations. Sometimes as teachers we may feel that students aren't doing activities how we expect them to but believe me they can be so creative and helpful that you will be surprised with their wonderful creations. Just make sure you know them well to give them small tasks where they can work in teams according to their skills.


1. Ask your students to collect the bottle caps of plastic bottles of various colors.

2. Separate the bottle caps by colors and draw the shape of the world and hands.

3. Color the drawing with students' help.

4. Divide your class into groups, give them clear instructions and let them work together while you guide their work.

Making a horse out of recycled materials

Let's make a horse out of recycled materials. This activity can be used after you work on a topic related to pets, or wild animals to reinforce and practice the vocabulary. This activity can be worked online or in-person.


1. I like letting my students be free and creative. I show them what I will use but I always let them know that they can be as creative as they'd like and can use whatever materials they consider would work best for the activity.

2. After they have collected the materials they will use for their horses, practice the vocabulary of these things by writing them down on a list or by practicing the spelling of the words.

3. Practice the steps to design the horse with simple, easy sentences by working on a "How to" writing.


Botella de plástico➺Plastic bottle


Rollo de papel higíenico ➺Toilet paper roll

Ojos de juguete➺ Googly eyes


Palo de escoba ➺Broomstick

Finally, let the kids play using their imaginations.

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