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My neighborhood

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Work on this activity to teach the vocabulary about different places in the neighborhood. Divide your class into small groups to work on this activity in a cooperative way.


1. Draw a plan of a neighborhood and cut out building shapes to place in the neighborhood as shown below.

2. Cut out pieces of various shapes in different colors such as rectangles, triangles, or squares.

3. Give the name of the places the students work on by groups. (Grocery stores, Bakery, Church, Houses, etc.)

4. Students decorate the places with items that represent the place. (Ex. A bakery: students would draw bread, cupcakes, etc.)

5. Students practice the vocabulary with the teachers' help.

6. Students paste the places on the neighborhood plan and use a simple sentence to describe the place.


-Yo voy al hospital cuando estoy enfermo/a. ➺ I go to the hospital when I am sick.

-Yo voy a la escuela a estudiar. ➺ I go to school to study.

-Yo voy al parque a jugar. ➺ I go to the park to play.


Escuela ➺School Estación de policia ➺ Police station

Iglesia ➺ Church Restaurante ➺ Restaurant

Panadería ➺ Bakery Tienda ➺ Store

Supermercado ➺ Supermarket Biblioteca ➺ Library

Hospital ➺ Hospital Parque ➺ Park​

Casa ➺ House Banco ➺ Bank

Piscina ➺ Swimming pool Calle ➺ Street

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