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Links to websites that cultivate the love for reading while learning Spanish as a Second Language.

Reading is one important habit you should cultivate when you are learning a second language. That's why I would like to share with you some links that will help you to sharpen your reading skills and learn more vocabulary in order for you to easily communicate in Spanish.

Most of these links are meant for children but if you are just starting to learn spanish these will be helpful for you as well as the books are really simple and easy to understand. This will be a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary.

-Maguaré: Is a portal where you will find games, books, videos, songs and much more in Spanish. This portal is designed for primary students where they can have fun while reading and exploring different resources.

-El estudiante digital: Find 37 books to download and cultivate your love for reading.

-Bookboxinc: Is a Youtube channel where you can find videos easy to understand, you will have the possibility to listen the pronunciation while reading the subtitles. This channel is designed for kids but it can be used for anybody that is in a beginner level of spanish.

-Read Conmigo: It is a website to read in English and in Spanish. Here you can find bilingual books and literacy resources for children.

-The International Children’s Library: It is a website where you can find books of different levels and in different languages to read.

-Children’s Books Forever: Here you can find books to read in PDF with colorful images in different languages.

-Grimm Stories: You probably have heard about the Grimm Stories, well here you can enjoy your reading time with wonderful stories full of fantasy. This website can be used for different levels of Spanish. Just find the right one for you.

-Fables in Spanish: This is a website to find short reading books and more resources to practice your Spanish.

-Ebookids. A place to read while listening to the pronunciation of the words.

Luz McClendon - Online Spanish and English Teacher

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