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Learn and Grow

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Many of the ideas found in this resource are inspired by the book "How we Learn" by Benedict Carey published in 2014 and from the documentary "The beginning of life" directed by Estela Renner which can be found on Netflix.

The process we use to learn something new is more important than just the information.

Learn and Grow

Explore and Learn!

The learning process starts at home when we are kids and are able to explore, create, discover, make mistakes and have the freedom to express ideas without being judged. Good stimulation at home will provide the necessary tools to use later in the classroom.

Learning begins when you make the decision to do so and when you are willing to do all that is possible to gain that knowledge.

To ensure that learning is mastered you need to take action during the learning process by participating in active learning where the teacher is just a facilitator and you are the one in control of your cognitive process.

There are different scenarios where the learning process starts and grow.

Formal Learning: The learning process is guide by the interaction between the Teacher and the student.

Informal Learning: The learning process is guide by the living experiences.

No formal Learning: The learning process takes place in museums, social activities, community projects, libraries etc.

As teachers or parents when we want our kids to learn something new, we look for different ways to keep them engage and motivated so, they can feel happy while they learn. Why not to take this into account when we are adults too? Humans are guide by the emotions that guide them to make choices in life. That's why when you are willing and decide to learn something like a second language don't forget to keep in mind two important things to start:

  • It must be something you are willing to practice often in order for you to keep it and see results quickly.

  • It must be something meaningful so, you can feel happy, motivated and excited about it.


:) The more you review it the better you retain it.

:) The more you explore to learn, the more neuronal connections you will make.

:) Try learning in new spaces, using new strategies, materials and tools to learn and keep that knowledge.

:) Mistakes are important because they allow us to not make the same mistakes later. Learn from them!

:) The more meaningful the material you use to learn, the more you will remember it.

:( Your brain erases what is not relevant information for you. It you don't use it, it will decline over time. Use it or lose it!

The best way for people to learn is to have time to explore, fail, try again, succeed, fail, try one more time and explore even more.

What do you think helps you the most when learning something new?

Luz McClendon - Online Spanish and English Teacher


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