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Healthy and unhealthy food

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Work on this activity to teach about healthy and unhealthy foods. This activity will not only teach vocabulary to your students related to food but also how important is to eat healthy to help their bodies to provide more energy so that they can work all day long without feeling exhausted.


1. Practice vocabulary related to food in Spanish before proceeding with the activity. Also, practice the words healthy food (Comida saludable) Unhealthy food (Comida no saludable) for students to get an idea of how to classify the images. You can also design a big mouth with plastic bottles and a big piece or cardboard to practice dental hygiene. I promise you that the kids will enjoy playing with a big mouth made of common materials that you can find anywhere.

2. Find magazines, newspapers or any resources where students can cut out images related to food.

3. Divide your students in groups and give clear instructions to them.

3. Students cut out images to classify them into either healthy or unhealthy food.

4. Each group take turns to paste the images on a blank tooth. Design one tooth with a sad face and another with a happy face to represent the healthy and unhealthy foods. Each group can choose a leader to represent them.

5. Students see the final work and write or talk about what they learned working on this group project.

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