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Halloween-Día de las brujas

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Craft: Día de los Muertos: Use this activity to work on vocabulary related to Day of the Dead "Día de los Muertos" For this activity students will need permanent markers and one balloon. This craft activity can be worked online or in person.


1. Practice the vocabulary of Halloween before you proceed to decorate the balloon skull.

2. Talk about the cultural aspects of the decoration of the skulls. When does this celebration take place? Why people decorate skulls with colorful designs? What is the meaning of this celebration? etc..

3. Show examples of skulls decorated with different designs to inspire the students. As a teacher, you can also decorate one with them. While they decorate the skull they should let you know about the colors they are using to decorate the skulls while mentioning the parts of the face in Spanish. For example:

- Yo dibujo los ojos con marcador negro - I draw the eyes with a black marker

- Yo coloreo la boca con marcador rojo - I color the mouth with a red maker

4. When the skull is fully decorated model to the students how to describe the skull using simple sentences in Spanish so they can describe their skulls and practice their speaking skills as well.

Example of the balloon skull description:

-¡Hola! me llamo Luz. Mi lavera es de color blanco. ➺ Hello! my name is Luz. My skull is white.

-Los ojos de mi calavera son de color negro con rosado y verde.➺The eyes of my skull are black with pink and green.

-Mi calavera tiene dientes negros y se ve feliz.➺My skull has black teeth and looks happy.

-Mi calavera tiene cejas color naranja.➺My skull has orange eyebrows.

-Mi calavera tiene una nariz pequeña de color negro.➺My skull has a small black nose.

-Las mejillas de mi calavera son de color rojo. The cheeks of my skull are red.

-Mi calavera tiene líneas de color azul alrededor del rostro. My skull has blue lines around the face.

Halloween craft - Araña de papel

This craft activity is perfect for Halloween or as an extended activity to reinforce the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Araña" (Incy Wincy Spider).

Craft: El esqueleto

Work on this activity to practice vocabulary related to Halloween. For this craft, students will need Q-Tips, construction paper, glue, markers, and scissors. This craft activity can be worked online or in person.


1. Practice the song dancing"El baile del esqueleto" with your students. Make sure you introduce the vocabulary of the parts of the body you will be moving during the dance. Find the lyrics of the song and the vocabulary below.

2. Show examples of skeletons designed to inspire your students.

3. Model the steps to make the skeleton and let them be as created as they want them to be.

4. In the end, students will show their final work to describe it with simple sentences in Spanish.

Youtube video to find the song "El baile del esqueleto" por Canto alegre.

Halloween door decoration

Halloween is a celebration that is observed in several countries on the 31st of October. In Colombia it's called "día de los niños" and in México it is called "Día de los muertos" During this celebration people like wearing costumes based on movies characters, monsters, superheroes and much more. Let's recognize this celebration with this wonderful door decoration made by the Colombian teacher Andrés Fabián Correa.

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