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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Behavior Reward Strategy for Spanish as a Second Language

I use the story of a little mouse and it's friends called "Veo, veo ¿Un ratón?" By Guido Van Genechten to organize your class by teams. These teams will work together to get points by following the rules and class expectations. This will not only help them to build relationships and work together but also learn vocabulary starting from the first day. I hope you like it. Check the following video to see how to use this strategy in your classroom.

Spanish ¡HOLA! Song for kids

Let's teach and sing this song to begin your Spanish lessons. This educational and fun Spanish song combined with body movements teaches kids a basic, simple song to learn the word "hola" as well as some vocabulary. My online and in-person students love it, I hope you like it as well.

Find the lyrics of this song here Spanish ¡Hola! song for kids.

Song about location prepositions in Spanish

Let's sing and have fun while we learn the location prepositions in Spanish!

Find the lyrics of this song using the following link

Calendar - Teaching how to write and say dates in Spanish.

Let's learn how to say and write the date properly in Spanish. This chart has an explanatory video you can use to get an idea of how I use it to teach the date.


1. Practice daily the correct pronunciation of the words during your morning routine.

2. You can print it in a bigger size for your students to be able to see it and recognize the order of how to write the date in Spanish.

3. Choose a different student every day to make them participate in the activity.

4. Students should write the date daily to learn how to write the vocabulary.

Watch the following video and find an example of how to write and say the date in Spanish.

Kids song to teach the four seasons in Spanish.

Let's sing while learning vocabulary about the four seasons. This song is based on the song "Learn Spanish seasons and weather with BASHO & FRIENDS" Link here-

I took the beginning part of the song and added some arm movements. I use this song during almost every lesson while I add more activities and vocabulary to make it more challenging every day. Take a look at the video to see some of the activities that I implement during my lessons.

Parts of the face

Let's teach about the different parts of the face with this activity. In the beginning, I made this video for my students to practice their Spanish vocabulary related to the parts of the face, but this video may be helpful for you as a teacher as well. Here you will find an idea of one of the activities I use to introduce the vocabulary about the parts of the face in Spanish. This activity is done in a ludic way by drawing myself while I make emphasis on the pronunciation, the words, and the construction of simple sentences. I hope you like it and I hope it is useful for you during your Spanish lessons.

The colors with Paco the cat

Let's teach the colors with Paco el gato.​ This educational and fun Spanish story teaches the kids basic vocabulary about the colors. This story is based on an English story called Scat the Cat by Dr. Jean that I modified to teach in Spanish. I hope you like it and use it during your Spanish lessons with your students. Find the steps to design your cat on the LudicLanguage Teacher Resources page using the following link:

Song in Spanish: La manito

Let's learn and sing a song about hands to have fun while learning Spanish. This educational song can be used to learn vocabulary about hands and much more. It is designed for little kids and it is a wonderful way to keep them engaged while they learn new words. This song can be used for circle time or the morning routine as a warm-up activity, or to get the attention of the students. This song is based on the version by Adriana Szusterman from Argentina.

Piedra, papel o tijeras - Rock, scissors, paper.

Let's play this game with our hands to have fun during our Spanish lessons. This game is usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes (rock, paper, scissors) with their hands. This game has two possible outcomes where one player can beat the other player based on the shape they show with their hands.

The rules are below:

-Rock beats scissors

-Paper beats rock

-Scissors beat paper

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