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The date in Spanish

Updated: Jan 18

In this educational video, you'll learn all about the different components of the date in Spanish, including how to say it and write it correctly. It also includes a catchy and fun song to help you memorize the vocabulary in a fun way.

Free: How to write and say the date in Spanish?

Let's learn how to say and write the date properly in Spanish. This chart has an explanatory video you can use to get an idea of how I use it to teach the date.


- 1 Calendar Printable mini poster

- Explanatory video to have an idea of how to implement this resource in your class.


- Practice daily the correct pronunciation of the words during your morning routine.

- You can print it in a bigger size for your students to be able to see it and recognize the order of how to write the date in Spanish.

- Choose a different student every day to make them participate in the activity.

- Students should write the date daily to learn how to write the vocabulary.

- Print the poster, cut them out and laminate it to keep it in good condition. To get a good quality printing please check your printer’s settings like the colors or the page scale before printing.

Writing the date

In this video, you will find the steps to teach or to learn how to write and teach the date in Spanish.

Learn and practice the prepositions in Spanish and practice their pronunciations!

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