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How do you feel today?

Updated: Feb 11

Activity N1:

Let's start our lessons by asking our students how they feel. This simple question can help students learn vocabulary about feelings and to express their emotions by putting them into words. Words that will give you an idea of how your students or people around you feel. Our emotions can change the way we see others and the way we face our daily activities. As teachers, this will be a great opportunity to decide if you want to do a warm-up activity, a small talk, or a short relaxing meditation to start the day with a good disposition and attitude towards the class.​

Instructions: 1.The teacher asks students in Spanish ¿Cómo te sientes hoy? 2.Then the students answer using the Spanish vocabulary related to emotions. Click the video and find the correct pronunciation of the different emotions. 3.One student may go in front of the class and make faces while the rest of the class the says the emotion.

Activity N2:

This is another activity you can use to talk about feelings.


1. As shown in the photo, draw lines to the different faces that are representing the emotions.

2. Students should guess the feeling you are talking about.

3. Write complete simple sentences to show the students how to talk or write about their feelings.

For example:

-Me siento bien➺I feel fine.

-Me siento cansado/a➺I feel tired.

-Me siento feliz➺I feel happy.

-Me siento enojado/a➺I feel mad.

-Me siento de maravilla➺I feel wonderful.

-Me siento hambriento➺I feel hungry.

-Me siento mal ➺I feel bad.

Spanish Emotion Faces

Flashcards Use this engaging video to learn vocabulary related to emotions in Spanish as well as how to express how you feel with simple sentences.

Download the resource here👇

Feelings in Spanish Worksheet

Engage your students in practicing Spanish feelings with this interactive worksheet. It serves as a valuable tool to reinforce comprehension and assess understanding after introducing the topic.

Download the resource here👇

Las emociones -
Download PDF • 380KB

The emotions Flashcards

This resource includes faces showing emotions for you to use during your Spanish lesson.


- 30 Large size printable yellow faces showing various emotions.

- Small Spanish printable vocabulary flashcards in English and in Spanish.

- Video related to emotions with some useful examples on how to teach the vocabulary.

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