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Black History month door decoration and ideas

Updated: Feb 1

Let's recognize and celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their important roles in the history of the United States with these beautiful door decoration ideas. The first three-door designs were decorated by me. I included my students during the process to make them a part of the experience. This project can take a few days so, make sure you plan this ahead of time. Please see the instructions below so you can have an idea of how I did it.


1. Introduce the topic about Black History Month. Show your students some important people that contributed to the history of the United States.

2. Tell your students that the whole class will be working on a project to celebrate Black History Month.

3. Draw or print the sketch of your decoration.

4. Divide your students into groups and give specific clear instructions of what they will be working on. For example, one group will be coloring color, another group will be cutting, the other groups will be working on the hair, etc.

5. Put some music related to Black History Month for them to enjoy while they work on the door decoration project.

6.Finish the project by working on a worksheet or any sort of activity to check for their understanding.

Mrs. Solami White door decoration

Mrs. Purushothaman Sajna door decoration

Mrs. Waters Simona door decoration

Mr. Andrés Fabián Correa door decoration

Black History month in Colombia

Colombia is an ethnically diverse country where you can find a large number of African descendant population in Latin America. May is Black Heritage Month in Colombia, South America. Josue y Clarita, kids from the English teacher Clarivel Segura share with us a little bit about some factors that represent this culture such as fishing and some of their instruments designed to create music. They are wearing a typical Colombian outfit to represent the Afro culture in Colombia.

Dance: El Currulao

Take a look at this video where Clarita, the daughter of the English teacher Clarivel Segura, dances "El Currulao". El Currulao is musical folklore that takes place in The Pacific Region of Colombia. This music was influenced by African culture. The typical outfits that women wear performing this dance are long, wavy colorful skirts and a blouse without sleeves. Besides that, women decorate their hair with flowers or with a big hat called "Sombrero artesanal or vueltiao" or with a handkerchief. The outfit of men will be represented by a white shirt, white pants, a hat, and a handkerchief. The instruments used during the performance of this music are percussion instruments such as:

-La Marimba de chonta




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