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Learning vocabulary in Spanish

Updated: Mar 28

Work on this activity to practice vocabulary in Spanish.


1. Model and show an example to your students of the

activity by writing the vocabulary you know related to a topic you have been working on in class.

2. Give one balloon and a marker to each student.

3. Students will decorate their balloons and write the vocabulary that they remember.

Take a look at the video to see how to use this activity during your lessons.

Yo - Él - Ella

Work on this activity to teach the personal pronouns Yo - Él - Ella


1. Model and show an example to your students of how to do the activity.

2. Put the hands with the personal pronouns on the floor or on the wall.

3. Show the sheet of paper with the instructions that your students need to follow. You can make as many sheets as you want and can put them in different order.

4. Students follow the instructions on the sheet of paper and say out loud the personal pronouns. Look at the video below to see an example.

Fun way to teach vocabulary in Spanish

This is a fun activity I like to use with my students which consists in making hand movements while saying the word related to an image. See the video below demonstrating how to use the hands printable.

Download the resource here👇

Hands -
Download PDF • 315KB

Activity to learn vocabulary in Spanish

I incorporate this engaging activity to teach vocabulary in a fun and interactive manner to my students. The activity involves associating specific body movements, such as touching the head, ears, or shoulders, with the words they are learning or practicing. By incorporating this kinesthetic element, students are actively involved in the learning process and can reinforce their vocabulary skills. This versatile activity can be adapted to various sets of words to provide ongoing practice and engagement. For a demonstration of how this activity works, please refer to the video provided below.

The missing word

Use this worksheet to practice phonics.


1. Students will identify the images and say the word loud.

2. Students will make emphasis on the sounds of every letter to find the missing ones.

3. Students will write the missing letters.

4. After they finish the worksheet, ask your students the following questions while you point to the images:

-¿Qué letras faltaban en la palabra gato?

-¿Cuál es el sonido de las letras que faltaban en la palabra lapicero?

-¿Qué vocal faltaba en la palabra mapa?

-¿Cuántas vocales tiene la palabra pierna?

-¿Qué letras faltaban en la palabra Jamón?

-¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita?

-¿Cuál es la palabra más larga?

-¿Cuál es la palabra más corta?

¿Cuál es la palabra más difícil?

¿Cuál es la palabra más fácil?

Describing people activity

Work on this activity to learn about how to describe people while practicing vocabulary about family members. This activity is a good opportunity for students to work in a cooperative way. You can set a timer to make it more challenging for students. Make sure to check on the teams to be sure that everyone is participating during the activity.


1.Model and show an example to your students of the activity by describing one family member with the whole class.

2. Give cards of the different family members to the small groups and give them time to describe the family member they have.

3. Give them time to check and practice what they wrote.

4. Make small class presentations where they will share with the class the description of their family member.

Es un ..... Es una....

Use this worksheet to practice vocabulary. It is a valuable resource for your students to enhance their Spanish skills by reading, choosing, and saying the words. This worksheet is also useful for practicing the use of the indefinite articles 'un' and 'una' in Spanish.

Download the resource here👇

Es un Es una -
Download PDF • 347KB

Craft with the letter "Ff "

Work on this craft activity to practice vocabulary related to the letter "F".


1. Practice vocabulary related to the letter "F" before you begin the craft.

2. Show an example of the flamingo they could design.

3. Print the letter "F" and tell the students to decorate the letter however they want to. They could make lines, circles, dots, or just color the entire letter with pink.

3. Model the steps to design the flamingo bird.

4. Let them be creative while decorating their letter "F".

5. Students should have a cutout of the outline of their hand and decorate it as well.

6. Use one sheet of construction paper of any other light color they like (green, yellow, blue, etc) to put the pieces together.

Printable letter "Ff"

Letter "Ff" worksheet in Spanish

This worksheet is used to teach vocabulary about the letter "Ff". Make sure you practice the correct pronunciation of these words beforehand, as well as the identification of the vowels in each word. This activity can be worked on online or in-person.


1. Practice the vocabulary with your students.

2. Ask your students what do they see in the worksheet?

-¿Qué ves en la ficha?

3. Ask the students what is the beginning sound of each word.

-¿Cuál es el sonido inicial de la palabra?

4. Ask students to spell the letters for you. For example: spell the letters of word number 1.

- Deletrea las letras de la palabra número 1.


Letra F ficha de trabajo - LudicLanguage
Download • 5.17MB

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