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Fruits in Spanish

Updated: Feb 13

Use this fun activity to learn vocabulary related to the fruits.


1. After practicing vocabulary related to fruits, talk about their favorite fruits and how they like to eat them.

2. Give an example of how to prepare a fruit salad making emphasis on the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary and on the steps to prepare the fruit salad.

4. Work on a "How to make a fruit salad" writing template to practice the phrases and the vocabulary.

5. After they have finished their "How to ..............?" writing template, work on the craft where the students are free to design their own fruits to make their fruit salads. Find the "How to....................?" writing template below.

6. Finally, students may present in front of the class or teacher to show their final work.

MasterChef - Fruit salad

Use this fun activity to practice vocabulary about fruits. This activity was made by Clarita, daughter of the English teacher Clarivel Segura from Colombia.


1. Practice vocabulary related to fruits. Talk about their favorite fruits and the kind of recipes they can make with fruits.

2. Show some examples of fruit salad recipes through videos, photos, or slide presentations.

3. Model the steps to prepare the fruit salad recipe for your students and emphasize the correct pronunciation and ways to write the words down.

4. Design a chef hat with the students. Let them be creative while decorating their hats. Make sure to use kitchen utensils that aren't harmful to the students.

5. Students show the fruits they will use and the steps they take to prepare the fruit salad for their classmates.

6. Finally, students may eat and enjoy their fruit salad.

Here is another example of a fruit salad activity. This is Nicolas, he is one of my regular Spanish students. We worked on a fruit salad as a final project of the unit related to fruit vocabulary. This vocabulary included verbs and sequencers commonly used in the kitchen in Spanish.

We practiced the vocabulary related to fruits as well as how to write sentences to talk about the steps to prepare a fruit salad. Please see above to find the worksheets used during the unit. We also learned some songs and hands-on activities to practice the vocabulary and have fun while learning. Before he presented the final project, Nicolas practiced the correct pronunciation of the words and the steps to prepare the fruit salad. Please take a look at the video and see how well Nicolas did when preparing his fruit salad.

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